Vast Customer Base 

Vast Customer Base

As an A-Pro® Inspector, you will be getting about 95% of your business directly from local realtors in response to the advertising and marketing plan we provide to you. Our proprietary fast tract grand opening marketing plan and top-notch benefits assure you that once the real estate agents get to know you, they will refer clients directly to you continuingly. Once you have earned their trust, chances are you will be the only home inspector they will ever use. 
One of the remarkable things about the home inspection business is that it genuinely builds upon itself with every inspection you perform. By simply leaving your business cards behind at agent offices, you will find that they will refer you to their friends, family, and co-workers like clockwork, much like how they refer quality plumbers, painters, and electricians. And when you consider that 2021 saw a 20% rise in movers for the year compared to 2020, with an estimated 56% of Americans moving in 2021 while just 35% moved in 2020, you can imagine the number of new clients opportunities you will have every day. Your customer base is always fresh, and it is unlimited. 


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A-Pro’s Home Inspection Franchise Opportunity.

A-Pro®—the nation’s most qualified network of home inspection professionals, has been featured in the Associated Press,  
Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, and newspapers across the U.S. 

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