Investment & Benefits

Investment & Benefits

Royalty Fees 

Most other franchises charge what is known as a “sliding scale royalty fee” based on their franchisees’ weekly sales, usually between 7 and 8 percent, plus a co-op “advertising pool fee” of 2 to 4 percent. Many also require a monthly minimum, or “quota.”   

Our philosophy is different: We believe in a family environment type relationship and have never felt that penalizing inspectors (i.e., making them gradually pay more) as their businesses grow is fair. We have seen that as an obstacle, so we have addressed it by setting a flat weekly fee with no minimums, no quotas, no bank account audits, and no advertising pool fees. 

90-Day “Fee-Free” Grace Period 

As a further sign of commitment to our franchisee’s success, A-Pro includes a royalty-fee-free grace period with our franchise package, allowing our owners ample time to get their businesses up, running, and generating revenue before paying royalty fees. 

Be In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself!

Among the benefits A-Pro business owners appreciate most is the environment and culture we have developed. Everyone at A-Pro is here for the same reason: to grow a successful and lucrative business feel good about what we do, and most importantly, enjoy what we do.

Joining A-Pro is like becoming a teammate. We encourage persuasive communication and the sharing of success stories and strategies for the benefit of everyone. A-Pro is both a business and a network of professionals who share similar goals and aspirations. It is an environment that people thrive in and genuinely enjoys. 

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A-Pro’s Home Inspection Franchise Opportunity.

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