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Home Inspection Industry 

Home Inspection Industry Overview:

  • Nearly every home sale in North America involves a professional home inspection. Buyers receive comprehensive reports on the property’s condition, covering aspects like the physical structure, systems (e.g., air conditioning, plumbing), and more.
  • The industry is a multi-billion-dollar market without a dominant player, allowing room for differentiation and growth.

Advantages of A-Pro® Franchise:

  • A-Pro® offers a nationally recognized brand name, which helps attract business without competing against giant corporations.
  • Their 500-point home inspection process, superior training, and high standards set them apart.
  • A-Pro® has been conducting home inspections for over 30 years, focusing on residential family homes.

Market Trends: The home inspection business is on the brink of a boom.

  • In 2022, approximately 5.95 million existing homes were sold, providing an estimate of the annual real estate transactions. With the expanding real estate market, the high volume of annual transactions, and the promising future for the industry, home inspection is considered one of the most attractive job opportunities.

According to a recent report from the Statista Research Department, the housing market is expected to recover within the next two years, with sales projected to reach 5.6 million in 2025.

Innovation and Recognition:

  • A-Pro® continues to innovate within the industry and has gained national recognition.
  • Realtors can provide insights into A-Pro®’s standing in the evolving industry.

Franchise Benefits:

  • A-Pro® is the best North American home inspection franchise with 110+ locations.
  • International brand recognition, partnerships, industry-leading marketing, regional business coaches, and proprietary technology support franchisees.

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