Home Inspection Franchise With Low Startup Costs


Investing in a low-cost home inspection franchise with a growing brand and potential for high return on investment is everybody’s dream. A-Pro® can bring that dream of being a successful franchisee to life with our low startup costs and high ROI. You’ll have the foundation of an internationally renowned franchise and the financial assistance and support you need to grow your business. We provide a foundation with the tools and resources to scale your company at your own pace. Smart, business-minded people are jumping on the opportunity to join the A-Pro® franchise, whether they’ve been in franchising before or are entrepreneurs. Building your business and claiming market share is easier when you have the right team to fall back on. Learn more about investing in your own franchise location with our home inspection business and how much it will cost to start up.

A-Pro® Home Inspection Franchise Cost

Startup costs for an A-Pro® franchise are as low as $29,950. The low cost of starting up a franchise location for sale means it is an accessible goal for many aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. Several variables impact your total costs, so it’s essential to be aware of them and stay prepared for these factors in the future. Some of these variables include the territory you are operating in, the equipment you already have, and travel expenses for training. Although there are some initial costs to launch your location, they are more manageable than what you will find at other franchises. With our franchising opportunity, you’ll have assistance with your marketing and recruiting efforts and everyday business operations. We aim to generate income from your home inspection franchise immediately.

We Support You From the Very Beginning

Why should you choose A-Pro®? In addition to being a low-cost franchise opportunity in the home inspection industry, we provide the training and support you need from the beginning. We understand what is required of our franchise owners, and we help them run their businesses with confidence. Whether you need help marketing to local customers, recruiting contractors, or finding the best process for day-to-day operations, the home office is here for you. From day one, you’ll have a community of business professionals to speak with whenever you need assistance. With support from the home office, you can grow your business and scale it to the size you want. Our standardized procedures and tools will keep your business running at its best. It also means that your customers will be satisfied with the seamless process, from getting in touch with a contractor to their final results. We provide a solid foundation to build and grow your business with your new team.

Ensuring Your Success Is Our Top Priority

A-Pro® Home Inspectors is one of the best home inspection companies in North America. We take innovation, professionalism, and quality service to new heights with each home inspection we perform for our customers across various regions. A-Pro® franchise owners help people purchase a home and live in it confidently daily, knowing they’ve done their due diligence to ensure it’s a safe and comfortable place for their family. As the best home inspection franchise in the industry, you can feel secure investing in your future here and joining a widespread network of franchisees who understand what it’s like to start a new business. The home office is here to back you through any challenges, and we’re right there to celebrate your wins and ensure your success.


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