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About A-Pro Home Inspections

At A-Pro®, we aim to ensure confident home ownership and enrich the lives of the people and communities we serve. We strive to be the most trusted brand, recognized for our integrity, technical excellence, and unmatched customer experience. Our core values guide us every step of the way:

  • Pride in What We Do: We take pride in our work, knowing that each home inspection contributes to informed home-buying decisions.
  • Investment in Success: We invest in each other’s success, fostering a collaborative environment where franchisees thrive.
  • Delivering More: Our motto is to promise less and deliver more, exceeding expectations with every interaction.
  • Respecting Individuals: We treat everyone respectfully, recognizing the unique needs of home buyers and sellers with our Certified Pre-Owned® Program.
  • Continuous Improvement: We embrace continuous improvement, staying at the forefront of industry standards and practices.

Our Origins

A-Pro® was founded in 1993 by Greg Mangiaracina, an entrepreneur with a background in mass marketing. His personal experience buying a house highlighted the deficiencies in the home inspection process. At that time, the organized home inspection industry was relatively young, and home buyers often relied on friends or family with construction knowledge for advice.

Mangiaracina recognized the need for deliberate technical training, business and marketing expertise, and standardized inspection practice.


By 1994, A-Pro® was up and running, offering:

  • Technical Training: A formal training program for inspectors.
  • Standard of Practice: Detailed guidelines for conducting inspections.
  • Business Support: A startup and operations program.
  • Proprietary Software: A narrative-formatted inspection report to maintain consistent quality.

Innovating for Success

A-Pro® provides a comprehensive package for newly recruited franchisees, enabling them to build a real business backed by a trusted brand. By 2001, A-Pro® had become one of North America’s premier home inspection companies, surpassing competitors that had started a decade earlier. Many of our early franchisees, like Todd Tuvell, continue to thrive within the A-Pro® family. Todd, who began as a home inspector in New Orleans in 1994 and 1997, moved to Wilmington, DE, where he established his own A-Pro® franchise. Today, Todd serves as the Vice President of Franchisee Acquisition.

Todd Tuvell

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A-Pro®: Pioneering Growth, Learning, and Innovation

In 1997, A-Pro® shifted its focus toward providing technical leadership in inspector training and enhancing the customer experience. Significant changes implemented, including:

Computerized Inspection Reports:
  • A-Pro® introduced a computerized system for generating and presenting inspection reports.
  • This innovation replaced traditional forms, streamlining the real estate transaction closing process.
  • Color photographs were incorporated into the report package, enhancing clarity and efficiency.
Frontline Franchisees:
  • A-Pro® franchisees serve as the brand’s frontline ambassadors to real estate professionals, home buyers, and sellers through our exclusive Certified Pre-Owned Home® Program.
  • Our mission centers on the success of our franchisees, ensuring they deliver exceptional service.
Brand Experience:
  • The A-Pro® brand experience remains core to our sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Realtors, home buyers, and sellers with our Certified Pre-Owned® Program recognize A-Pro® for its commitment to excellence.

Outlook and Leadership

Today, A-Pro® led by a deeply engaged management team:

  • Aligned by shared values, they blend broader business experience with A-Pro®-specific expertise.
  • The goal is to drive growth and elevate brand excellence for franchisees, realtors, home buyers, and sellers with our exclusive Certified Pre-Owned Home® Program.

Industry Leadership

A-Pro® has consistently built toward becoming a household name in the home inspection category:

  • With over 110+ locations across North America, we lead the industry.
  • Our commitment to value, equality, and purpose empowers franchisees and partners.

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Why choose A-Pro®?

  • Nationally Recognized Brand: Our name carries weight across the country.
  • Strong Partnerships: We have affiliations throughout North America.
  • Effective Marketing Plans: Industry-leading strategies help you find clients.
  • Supportive Network: Business coaches and fellow franchise owners are here for you.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our proprietary tools simplify home inspections.

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A-Pro® is led today by a deeply engaged management team, united by aligned and shared values, who blend more comprehensive business experience with A-Pro® specific experience to drive growth and brand excellence for our franchisees, realtors, home buyers, sellers with our exclusive CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED HOME® Program.

Industry Leader

With every chapter in the history of A-Pro® building toward the present day, the brand of A-Pro® is positioning itself to become the first valid household name in the category, realizing value, equality, and life purpose for its franchisees and partners.

  • A-Pro® continues to provide exceptional opportunities for those looking to achieve their desired work/life balance, achieve financial freedom, and ultimately, make a change in their life.
  • A-Pro® Is one of the best North American Home Inspection Franchisors With More Than 110+ Locations.
  • A-Pro is innovative and offers an exclusive Certified Pre-Owned Home® program.

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  • Our brand name is nationally recognized
  • Partnerships and affiliations all over North America
  • Industry-leading marketing plans to help you find your clients
  • Business coaches and supportive franchise owners
  • Proprietary technology that makes home inspections easier


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